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Reeds Site Selection

Property Overview:

Site 1 (R925K) located at the northwestern inlet of the larger lake, is uniquely positioned to become an integral part of the natural wet-land ecology closer to the water level. Due to its highly sensitive location, its design sensitivity to its environment is supremely important so as to become a part of the life of the wet-lands that will continue to flourish and regenerate.

Site 2 [Reeds Lodge] (R6,500,000 including furniture and fittings) the Reeds property has views overlooking the larger dam. World-renowned architect, Stan Field designed this award-winning contemporary home to maximize views and enjoyment of the two picturesque dams, wetlands and indigenous woodlands of The Reeds at Balgowan eco-estate. The eloquent design expands on the idea of a livable environment. Learn more about the Lodge at Reeds

Sites 3 & 4 (R975K and R950K) were selected to take advantage of the views overlooking the larger lake. Situated on a gently north facing slope and protected from the northwest and the southeast winds by the surrounding forest, they are ideally situated to maximize the year-round sun orientation as a potential heat energy source.

Site 5 (R900K) has views in all three directions. Through the removal of a small row of pine trees on the property, long vistas to the lakes are gained together with views of the Boschhoek Valley together with a stretched out view of the western valley and Drakensberg. It's situated on an outcrop of scattered rocks and the intention is to use these same rocks so that the house grows out of its natural setting.

Sites 6 & 8 (R650K and R750K) are hillside sites located on the western slopes. Concave valleys create natural amphitheaters to the valley and indigenous forest below and the topography allows for privacy in this vast landscape.

Site 7 & 9 (R650K and R450K) are just below the ridgeline on the northfacing slopes and view the Boschhoek Valley with equal privacy.

Site 10 [Adjoining Small Holding] (R1,500,000) is situated on the newly acquired portion of 17 hectares, facing directly the magnificent indigenous Yellow-wood and Stinkwood forest with north facing slopes and protected from the northwest winds enjoying easy access.