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First Model Home

The first model home is now completed overlooking the two picturesque dams, wetlands and indigenous woodlands of The Reeds at Balgowan eco-estate. Quality, enviro-friendly materials have been used throughout the 322 sq. meter home and subdued earth-tone colors are combined with rich natural woods, contemporary concrete structures, soothing white walls, high-beam ceilings, open and airy decks, contemporary fixtures and well-positioned lighting. The home also features energy efficient appliances, tasteful shutters for privacy, full-vista windows, floor heating, comfort zone fire place, and a state-of-the-art home security and property surveillance system linked to a nearby armed-response unit based in Balgowan.The overall theme and aesthetics are earthy and natural but with a strong contemporary overtone. The materials were chosen in keeping with the sustainability ethics of the estate and where possible sourced locally to minimize transport cost and carbon footprint, as well as support local business. For instance, the decision to keep the concrete work raw with a seal was done keeping in mind budget, the desire for low maintenance in a fairly abrasive climate (wind, rain and heat), in addition to minimizing impact on the environment. This philosophy was applied as far as possible with every design decision. To view photos of the first home, visit photo gallery.


Interior Aesthetics

  • All timber furniture manufactured from African hardwoods sourced from sustainable, managed forests (Forest Stewardship Council).
  • External furniture made from recycled materials and recycled plastics manufactured in the area.
  • Interior accessories and fittings mainly purchased from craftsmen and designers in The Midlands Meander, and are made from local and natural materials found in South Africa.
  • All art is being acquired from local artists, photographers and craftsmen.
  • Interior fittings, furniture, linens, carpets, rugs, tapestries and kitchenware come from tribal, traditional and modern design studios, weavers and custom manufacturers based in KwaZulu and other parts of South Africa.

General information:

  • Internal Area: 322 m²
  • External Deck Area: 218 m²
  • Entrance Court: 155 m²
  • Pool/Pond Area: 25 m²


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