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To live in an Eco–Estate is to live in harmony with nature. A true Eco-Estate does not introduce an artificial concept into the landscape such as a golf course, a vineyard or an equestrian centre, nor does it allow any agricultural activity. Careful design and the use of environmentally sensitive construction techniques and materials, combined with energy efficiency and general conservation further push the boundaries to limit the impact of man–made structures on the landscape.

To prevent a negative impact on the visual and ecological qualities of the estate, the building is restricted in height, scale, materials and finishes. The use of natural materials, finishes, construction methods, proper and sensitive design and detailing to protect and preserve the environment is encouraged. The architecture is determined by the connection between climate, topography and the building. The use of beneficial elements of macro and micro climate in generating form is an important factor and the design process should be guided by ecological awareness, the path of the sun, solar geometry and the prevailing wind conditions. These elements will govern the use of solar and wind power as well as gardening and maintenance of the buildings and estate.