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Attention will be given to the following when applying the architectural guidelines to generate an appropriate contemporary architectural language. In supporting the design process, the ethos of the development (contemporary architecture in an environmentally sensitive environment) should form the backdrop when considering the following: 


The area is classified as a temperate climate with temperatures ranging between two degrees Celsius in winter and 32 degrees Celsius in summer. The architecture should therefore be energy efficient with proper natural ventilation and the structure should regulate natural heating & cooling. Two types of micro climates linked to the two different site conditions have been identified. Windy hill sites with sweeping, panoramic views and protected dam sites with close proximity to water and forested environments.


The estate is situated inland, less than two hours from Durban on the Indian Ocean coastline, close to the UKHAHLAMBA DRAKENSBERG World Heritage Site. It features rolling grasslands, exposed hills with 360-degree vistas, and protected valleys with natural forests and woodland areas.

Local topography:

The estate is situated on a hill top with four exposed hill sites possessing breakthtaking views and five protected dam sites with more privacy and outlooks over spring-fed, trout filled dams. Mondi Pine forests border the estate on the north and south surrounding the dam sites with a natural forest on the south forming a protective basin around the sites. A natural forest borders three of the hill sites on the north–west boundary with grass covered hills stretching to the south east, surrounding the remaining site.


The architecture should be site-specific within the parameters of architectural guidelines influenced by the imagery of surrounding nature. The appropriateness of the architecture in part measures how well it integrates with, and co-exists in, the environment, and finds reference in the elements of nature (trees, sky, water views, etc)

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Quick Facts:

  • 1,300 above sea level
  • Two distinctive types of microclimate
  • 360-degree vistas
  • Natural forest borders
  • 32 C in Summer, -2C in winter


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