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Dam Site House

Areas of Dam House Concept:

  • Internal Area: 335 m˛
  • External Deck Area: 211 m˛
  • Entrance Court: 155 m˛
  • Pool/Pond Area: 25 m˛

Schedule of Accomodation:

  • Open Plan Lounge/Dining room: 100 m˛
  • Kitchen Laundry Area: 45 m˛
  • Double Eenclosed Garage: 38 square miles
  • Entrance Hall and Passage: 50 m˛
  • Bedroom Passage: 19 m˛
  • Main Bedroom-en Suite: 29 m˛
  • Guest WC: 4 m˛
  • Bedroom 2: 14 m˛
  • Bedroom 3: 14 m˛
  • Bedroom 4: 12.5 m˛
  • Family Bathroom: 10 m˛


  • Concrete and plastered and painted walls
  • Packed natural stone feature walls
  • Aluminium or timber windows
  • Steel and timber screens
  • Pre-painted Alumium corrugated roof
    click image for larger view



  • Ranges from R1,2 to R1,5 Million

The idea of extending the concept of the wetland area that connects the buildings with the dams became an integral part of the house designs. The buildings are situated on the upper shelf above the waters edge of the dams and this connection is reflected in the dam or pond that integrates the indoor/outdoor spaces with the environment. This feature would allow each individual house to become an integral part of the natural setting. This would also create the setting that would bring back natural bird and animal life close to the dwellings and the outdoor and indoor recreational ambience would gain its character and spirit from this new symbiotic condition.

The architecture draws its inspiration from the poetry in the landscape. The structure seeks out a site in which to become embedded and interconnected. A fold or crevice in the ground in which to anchor a spine rock wall that becomes the first act of intervention.

Then concrete buttress walls mark out the footprint of habitation - while deep beams span the spaces between rock spine and concrete buttresses to create the living environment. The partially enclosed outdoor space that is formed by the house and trellis structure becomes the “water hole” and recreation place. The living spaces are situated with views of the dams and flow out onto decks and terraces overlooking the pool or pond, new wetlands, lower dams and forests. Overall, the house has been conceived of like a clam, capable of being closed and secured or opened at will. The spine rock wall is the outer shell and wooden shutters calibrate the desired levels of exposure.

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